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Our Founder 

The critical need to improve methods of teaching STEM topics and produce a sustainable STEM workforce, continually informs and drives Why Science research and development. Why Science Programs produce efficiencies in the way teachers teach and how students learn. Teachers and school administrators commonly refer to Why Science modules as customizable classroom “playbooks”.

Yvonne A. Kielhorn, Ph. D. is the founder and curriculum development leader of Why Science, and a high school science teacher.  She has extensive research and development experience in academia, industry, and government spanning more than 20 years. Her scientific and leadership abilities have been recognized by many research, education and entrepreneurship awards.

In 2014, she received a CTNext Entrepreneur Innovation Award. Business New Haven has named Dr. Yvonne Kielhorn the 2013 Minority Businessperson of the Year for her creation and development Why Science.  She has been a three-time Woman of Innovation Finalist.  While a professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dr. Kielhorn received the Martin Luther King Faculty/Staff Award for faculty and staff engaged in activities fostering academic excellence and leadership skills in minority students.  She also won an award from the National Science Foundation to create “Ease the Quiet Storm,” a 40-minute documentary exploring solutions to American’s growing education problem and how this problem impacts global competitiveness. Dr. Kielhorn’s research awards include a National Nanotechnology Initiative Early Career Scientist Scholarship Winner X-ray and Neutron Scattering and a Paul W. Schmidt Award Small-Angle Methods and Applied Small-Angle Scattering.

She holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science & Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (Amherst, MA) and a B. A. in Chemistry (High Honors) and Physics from Smith, College (Northampton, MA).


Our Team

Engage with our team of certified teachers, science department heads and supervisors to    increase teacher confidence, and student engagement and performance in STEM. We offer online professional development for teachers as well as consulting services for schools.  As consultants to your school, we assess your learning environment, and present a plan on how to design high achieving, dynamic STEM teaching and learning experiences. Our team will work closely with you to achieve all of your goals.

Lynn Smith
Vice President Business Development, START Community Bank, New Haven.

“We know that the jobs of the 21st century will be centered in the STEM areas – science, technology, engineering and math. Furthermore, we truly believe that employers of the future will want workers who have knowledge — but more importantly who have logic ability and good decision making skills. This is why we feel that the focus of Why Science is so important – because you teach logic, reasoning, deduction, and decision making as a part of your scientific experiments.”

Science Teacher, James Hillhouse High School, New Haven

"I think the program [Why Science Modules] is excellent. I think the main thing is that students are working with students. “The most important thing about Why Science is the resources … Its just not one thing. For example there’s a library, page, a tools page. [The resources] prompts and guides and help students feel comfortable figuring out how to write a hypothesis for a proposed problem. With freshmen you have to breakdown every little detail. So it gives you many resources and it saves so much paper.”
Source: Business New Haven

TJ Gavor
School Administrator
Certified School Social Worker and Special Education Expert

"I had the opportunity to witness the magic of Yvonne implementing her Structure and Properties of Matter module while acting as her direct supervisor.  Why Science is far more engaging than other platforms that I have used in the past.  The platform has an innate ability to push students as far as they are willing to go while providing support and safety nets along the way.  It has been my experience that children learn the best when they feel safe.  The Why Science software is able to tackle executive functioning deficits in a way that makes a student feel good about their organizational skills.  Most of the students that I have worked with have always found this element of education very stressful.  It is refreshing to see software that is student-centered while maintaining integrity for the teachers who use it."

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