The Why Science Platform Empowers Educators to Serve Learners

As a Science Teacher and Educational Consultant, I am always looking for new tools that make it easier for teachers to provide effective and engaging lessons and learning environments for their students. Why Science, accomplishes that, and it is easy to use.

The Why Science platform helps create courses that satisfy all requirements of the National Standards for Quality for online courses ( These standards include establishing a clear course structure, using instructional design, being user-friendly and evaluating student mastery and course effectiveness. 3D learning for NGSS occurs naturally when you create courses with the platform. A teacher will then have free tools to be able to gain further, self-paced professional development. Click here to learn more about how Why Science can help you.

Biography of Dr. Dorrie Panayotou

Dorothea Y. Panayotou, Ph.D. (Dr. Dorrie) is a certified science teacher in the State of Connecticut with cross certifications in biology, earth science, and general science.  Dorrie has over 30 years of experience as a scientist and educator. She has made it her mission to continually bring new innovations into the classroom to further engage students. She has a Doctor of Philosophy from UC Davis, an MS from Colorado State University, and a BS from the University of Vermont. Expanding her creativity, Dorrie has started to create jewelry.  To contact Dr. Dorrie email her at  or call or text at  (303) 704-0187.

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