Dr. Dorothea Panayotou
Science Teacher and Educational Consultant

“As a Science Teacher and Educational Consultant, I am always looking for new tools that make it easier for teachers to provide effective and engaging lessons and learning environments for their students. Why Science accomplishes that, and it is easy to use. Within a 2- hour professional development session, a teacher will be able to use the Why Science platform to create and teach lessons. Teachers will have learned numerous ways to engage students – through interactive animated characters and a framework that facilitates students’ continual learning. It also saves teachers’ time and enables them to monitor students’ ongoing progress. If you want to raise the quality of online learning for your students, I highly recommend this workshop.”

Serkan Kabak
High School Science and Math Teacher

“Dr. Kielhorn is a highly qualified teacher and trainer. Her teacher training programs are very effective and useful for someone who is looking to transition into instructional design. I have worked with her in a teaching environment and have observed first hand her practical knowledge and expertise in successfully being able to set up and implement online learning modules for her students. She deeply values giving her students the best education they need by strictly adhering to common core and high educational standards. As an instructor, if you are looking to improve the quality of online learning for your own students, I highly recommend taking her professional development workshops.”

Karen Beitler
Science Teacher, James Hillhouse High School, New Haven

"I think the program [Why Science Modules] is excellent. I think the main thing is that students are working with students. “The most important thing about Why Science is the resources … Its just not one thing. For example there’s a library, page, a tools page. [The resources] prompts and guides and help students feel comfortable figuring out how to write a hypothesis for a proposed problem. With freshmen you have to breakdown every little detail. So it gives you many resources and it saves so much paper.”
Source: Business New Haven

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