The Case for a U.S. Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Germany does not have statues of Hitler and his collaborators. Why? German institutions acknowledge that the killing of 6 million Jews, people of “color”, and many Germans who were sympathetic to Jews by Nazis was Wrong. When history is taught in Germany, students learn this, including visits to concentration camps to understand the extent of Human Rights Violations at these camps. The problem with the U. S. is that for the sake of the Union, too many concessions were made to the confederate separatists. As a Catholic, I know that when I go to confession to ask for forgiveness for my sins, forgiveness is contingent on penance. Penance means you do not act in a way that perpetuates the sin. How do we as a country show penance for past and present actions that are literally acts of treason against the constitution of our republic? Individuals and institutions need to acknowledge past and present crimes against humanity and do penance. We also need a truth and reconciliation commission just like in South Africa. No blaming etc, everyone gets a chance to confess their sin and is given an opportunity to positively move forward. If you have not watched 13th please click here to watch this film to understand the historical context behind what we are going through now.

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  1. Sigamoney Reply

    Yes there is a need for a social justice model. How do we produce each year so many PHDs, masters students but we have reproduced poor families for generations. Schools are the game changers. They have to rupture the status quo. However. We have to ask the question, is there any intention to do so.

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