Teaching Students About the Insurrection

At RE-Center, our work is centered on Race Equity in Education, as we know education is the great equalizer.  The violent insurgencies and attacks that took place on democracy on January 6th by those who saw their privilege as license to violate the law unchecked was simply put an act of treason. The attack was inspired by President T****, who told his followers during the election to “stand back and stand by.” They listened.

The attack on January 6th was not a surprise – it was years in the making. For BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and all other marginalized communities, it serves as a painful reminder of the persistent inequities that plague this nation.

What we saw in Washington, DC last week – a violent, illegal attempt to upend the work and the will of the people, was jarring. The difference in the use of force on this insurrectionist versus the violent use of force against peaceful protestors for Black Lives is glaring. It was a slap in the face to the countless people who have peacefully protested the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other victims of police brutality in 2020 alone. Lest we forget, just months ago, peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters were driven from the streets with pepper spray and brute force, a clear example of racial inequity.

The images of destruction, including many domestic terrorists waving Confederate flags, should make the underpinning of white supremacy clear. The “revolution” as it was described by some (It wasn’t, it was an insurrection defined by acts of sedition) was one more unsettling affirmation for educators, students, allies, and co-conspirators alike who seek, as we do, to eliminate the root causes of racism and oppression in K-12 education.

As disheartening as these attacks were, they have only fueled our resolve. At RE-Center, we are even more committed to fighting for racial equity and leveraging our partnerships and facilitation expertise to strengthen inclusive practices for all our children.
We hope these resources will assist those who share our determination to seize the opportunity in this teachable moment.

Division and unrest are not new to this country – but it must not define it. If we are going to make change, we must face who we are and do the work to create a just world.


The RE-Center Team

About the RE-Center

Founded in 1992 by Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, RE·Center Race & Equity in Education (formerly known as The Discovery Center) uses its core strengths of facilitation and partnership development to work with others to eliminate the root causes of racism and oppression in K-12 education. Learn more at http://re-center.org/ 

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