Congratulations to the 2020 Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry!

FILED – 14 March 2016, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: The American biochemist Jennifer A. Doudna (l) and the French microbiologist Emmanuelle Charpentier, then winners of the Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize 2016, are together in the casino of Goethe University. The two scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2020. Photo: picture alliance / dpa (Photo by Alexander Heinl/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Why Science is thrilled to celebrate Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna, the 2020 recipients of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry! Their groundbreaking work is centered on the discovery of the CRISPR/Cas9 genetic scissors, one of gene technology’s sharpest tools.

Charpentier is the Founding, Scientific and Managing Director of the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens in Berlin.
Doudna is the Li Ka Shing Chancellor’s Professor of Biomedical Science, Chair of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Biology, and the Executive Director of the Innovative Genomics Initiative at the University of California, Berkeley.
Click here to learn more about their work and why they received the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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