Boosting Student Achievement and School Performance: Food for Thought and Action from Prominent CT Superintendents and CABE

School is just around the corner.  As you may already be aware, our educators are facing great challenges, rising demands for accountability at all levels, and decreasing budgets. This episode of THE HOUR with Jim Pellegrino presents an illuminating discussion of how Connecticut superintendents are addressing these barriers to holistic education reform and student achievement. Jim Pellegrino interviews Mark Benigni, Ed. D. (Superintendent of Schools, Meriden CT), Joshua P. Starr, Ed. D. (Superintendent of Schools, Stamford CT), and Robert Radar (Executive Director, CABE). Watch this interview to find out what these prominent education experts and practitioners have to say about how to solve our nation’s growing education problem in our communities.  Below are highlights of key topic areas addressed in the interview.

  • Who do we hold primarily responsible for student outcomes and overall school performance?
  • Who has the most impact on student learning?
  • Who is in charge of educating our kids?
  • How does public education differ from a corporate business model?
  • How do we ascribe accountability metrics to different parts of our educational system?
  • How do we assign accountability when a student does not do well?
  • There is no perfect instrument to measure teacher evaluation. Why are we wasting money and resources trying to find one? Why don’t we focus our efforts on looking for professional development tools which foster continuous improvements in teacher performance?
  • How public distrust and support for policies that infantilize educators propagates a climate for poor student achievement, and poor school performance.
  • What policies and practices work in high achieving countries like Finland?
  • What is the role of poverty on student achievement and school performance?
  • What is the role of parental involvement on student achievement?
  • What’s the impact of shrinking federal and state budgets on school performance?


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1. Meriden Public Schools

2. Stamford Public Schools

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