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Poly & Mer is an in-class and online interactive, blended learning technology that implements the scientific process of problem solving in an educational based gaming structure. The e-Platform is an extension of your classroom and allows you to monitor, control and drive student outcomes.

The e-Platform is divided into distinct student and teacher areas and communication is through a private, secure, closed social “classroom network”. Both teacher and student have access to libraries of information (print, audio, video, etc) related to the module topic that supports teaching & learning.

Student View:

  • Poly & Mer guide students through a module using an inquiry based learning process that can be applied across all subjects. Students discover new concepts with Poly & Mer and are prompted to show what they have learned.  If they have questions the “classroom network” allows classmates and teachers to interact in real time.
  • The student dashboard tracks progress, shows communications and displays homework that has been uploaded by the student and graded.

Teacher View

  • Poly & Mer help manage flipped classroom instructional flow to enable educators to focus on higher level teaching activities.
  • Progress dashboards track individual students and the class while identifying where learning problems may be occurring.  Students upload homework and it’s deposited into a student file for easy grading.  Communications are tracked and monitored.  Easy to use lesson plan integration tools also available along with Teacher Training 2.0 professional development modules.

When learning occurs as an inquiry process students

“identify their assumptions, use critical and logical thinking, and consider alternative explanations. In this way, students actively develop their understanding of science by combining scientific knowledge with reasoning and thinking skills.”
– National Science Education Standards 1996



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