Are your educators adequately teaching core STEM principles to your students?

  • What will you do to have a STEM program where parents and grandparents volunteer to serve as laboratory and teaching assistants so they can support the career development of their children?
  • What will you do to have  professional development tools teachers can use 24/7 to gain knowledge and confidence at levels necessary to increase talent pool in STEM?
  • What will you do to have professional development tools teachers can use 24/7 to gain confidence and practical knowledge of how to engage students with different abilities and achievement levels in subjects they teach?

Bring WHY SCIENCE programs to your schools to:

  • Boost Teacher Effectiveness 
  • Increase Parental Engagement
  • Enhance Student Outcomes

Many of our current K-12 educators are very strong in the letters categories with degrees in subjects like English and history, but they are not as well prepared to teach math and science. They are still outstanding educators, but when it comes to STEM education many educators simply may not be equipped with the proper tools.

At the conclusion of our workshops, your educators will show gains in teacher proficiency in science content knowledge.  Your educators will display confidence measured by an understanding of how to introduce science concepts into the K-12 classroom.  WHY SCIENCE Education Workshops on STEM education deliver enhanced teacher outcomes which directly translate into enhanced student outcomes.

Our Suite of STEM Education Development Tools:

  • Develop abilities for doing science as recommended by the National Science Education Standards (1996 & 2010)
  • Develop abilities for understanding how knowledge is created and communicated with science as recommended by the National Science Education Standards (1996 & 2010)
  • Comply with the national science education standards and the core standards for English Language Arts and Math across grade levels.
  • Include all content standards in a variety of curricula that are developmentally appropriate, interesting, relevant to student’s lives, organized around inquiry, and connected with other school subjects.
  • Can be coordinated with mathematics, language and arts education.
  • Offer appropriate and sufficient resources to all students.
  • Offer equitable opportunities for all students to learn the standards.
  • Foster the development of communities that encourage, support, and sustain teachers.
  • Our STEM teacher training qualifies for Continuing Education Credits.

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