Teachers and after-school educators, would you like to boost your professional development & student outcomes in reading, writing, science and math with less time, resources and money?

Our workshop is an immersive group environment learning experience focused on providing teachers with a hands-on live experience from which you they further develop skills and expertise required to derive a maximum value from both of our professional tools, Strategize, Plan & Deliver and Adventures with Poly & Mer

The classroom setting of our workshops provides a very strong backdrop which encourages educators to focus on and develop many of the core concepts that are utilized in our tools which are then taught to students.

Bring our professional development workshops to your school!

Meet Science Standards and Reinforce 21st Century skills

Dr. Akpalu role plays with Litchfield County, Connecticut teachers as they test their newly learned lesson ideas for increasing student achievement in their classrooms

If you are looking for the best ways to create hands-on & minds-on learning experiences and increase achievement with innovations in your classroom and beyond, join us for workshops!

Are you a K-12 teacher who wants more confidence in teaching Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics subjects?

In our workshops, you will  learn a new research-to-lessonsTM instructional approach to help you develop activities that move students through all stages of learning. You will have access to WHY SCIENCE teaching & learning resources to help you reinforce hands-on & minds-on learning with YOUR curriculum. Make your classroom a richer learning environment today! This STEM teacher training qualifies for Continuing Education Credits.

When you experience WHY SCIENCE professional development workshops, you will learn how to:

  • Ignite a passion for learning,
  • Close achievement gaps in reading, writing and math with science,
  • Improve overall student performance in reading, writing, math and science.

Do WHY SCIENCE professional development workshops work?

The graph below shows gains in teacher proficiency in science content knowledge and confidence measured by an understanding of how to introduce science concepts into the K-12 classroom.

WHY SCIENCE Results: Increase in Teacher Confidence & Knowledge

After a WHY SCIENCE workshop, teachers will be confident in:

  • Science Content Knowledge:
    • Introduce science concepts and technology into the classroom.
    • Understand the nature of chemical bonding in small and large molecules.
    • Be confident in their knowledge of recent advances in science.
    • and much much more …
  • Inquiry-Based Science:
    • Provide explanations to investigated scientific problems or questions.
    • Identify questions that can be answered through scientific investigations.
    • Conduct appropriate types of scientific investigations to answer different questions.
    • and much much more …
  • Science Literacy:
    • Communicate about science in different formats, using relevant science vocabulary, supporting evidence and clear logic.
    • and much much more …
  • Science Application:
    • Apply science, technology and engineering to a “real-world” (i.e. jobs, school, personal life) setting
    • and much much more …

What’s Included in WHY SCIENCE professional development workshops?

The workshop curriculum is variable to accommodate a wide range of time and budgetary needs.

  • Teaser (1 – 2 contact hours)
  • Introductory (5 contact hours)
  • Intermediate (10 contact hours)
  • Advanced (40 contact hours)

What are teachers are saying about WHY SCIENCE professional development workshop  effectiveness?

“I came away with a deeper understanding of the science and technology concepts presented which I can now pass on to my students. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and wish there could be more of them … In my district, for a large number of students, English is a second language. They don’t have the word bank of those students who were born in the United States. These types of activities help them learn much faster than if they just read. These activities have many societal connections which makes science more meaningful to the students.”

-L. A., High School Teacher, New Haven CT

“I learned a variety of activities that can be used in my freshman class. Got more background in polymerization especially biopolymers.”

J. N., Middle School Teacher, North Haven CT

Make your classroom a richer learning environment. Contact Why Science to learn more


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