Power up STEM with Poly & Mer Learning Modules

Each module makes it easy to teach scientific and engineering practices, crosscutting concepts, and core disciplinary content, simultaneously. Use with the Why Science® platform to create and customize modules with your own content.

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Poly and Mer Physical Science Units

Poly & Mer Physical Science Units

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Students experience hands on and interactive learning
in the following physical science areas:

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Energy and Matter
Polymers and Plastics
Global Systems
Environmental Impact
Energy Use

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Poly and Mer STEM Career Skills Units

Poly & Mer STEM Career Skills Units

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Learning how to conduct good experiments and convey your findings effectively should be the cornerstone of all science curriculum.

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Students interact with Poly & Mer and each other to build effective experiments and lab reports.  Students and teachers learn how to host Virtual Science Fairs for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Levels.

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See the Full Curriculum >

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