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STEM Learning Results with Our Poly & Mer e-Platform!

The Poly & Mer e-platform Adventures with Poly & Mer is an interactive learning technology platform that implements the scientific process of problem solving in an educational based gaming structure. The platform is comprised of two distinct areas, one for students and a second area for teachers. Within the platform, we have created a series of distinct STEM learning modules.

  • The student facing interface is structured in such a way that each education module provides a subject based rich learning experience while also introducing and reinforcing core scientific processing skills – these same skills can then be applied to a wide variety of other subjects going way beyond what are typical STEM subjects.
  • From our teacher facing interface, educators have access to individual performance dashboards for all their students and there are additional teaching materials specific to each module that provide teachers with more background resources to help engage the teacher and empower them by explaining the underlying process along with ongoing “best practices” recommendations.

Each learning module also has a series of additional questions, learning tools, library assets and rich media that the facilitator will have access to in order to encourage greater participation by all students.

The Poly & Mer e-platform can be utilized in the traditional classroom or in concert with after-school educational programs.

Meet Poly & Mer Your Virtual STEM Guides – Helping Make STEM Learning Fun and Engaging in Your Classroom!

Poly & Mer

  • Help make STEM learning fun and engaging in your classroom
  • Help manage flipped classroom instructional flow to enable educators to focus on higher level teaching activities
  • Provide students with ongoing prompts
  • Provide educational continuity

THE STEM Classroom with Poly & Mer

The Poly & Mer e-platform stands apart from other learning technologies because it was developed with specific educational needs for hands-on & minds-on teaching and learning of STEM.

Our learning framework, curriculum, instructional and assessment tools are structured so all learning activities (e.g., thinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening, research & development) occur as an inquiry process. When learning occurs as an inquiry process students

“identify their assumptions, use critical and logical thinking, and consider alternative explanations. In this way, students actively develop their understanding of science by combining scientific knowledge with reasoning and thinking skills.”
– National Science Education Standards 1996

Flipped Classroom Teacher Training with our Teaching 2.0 Module

Teaching 2.0 is a Why Science® professional development module that lives inside our Poly & Mer STEM education platform which has been developed exclusively for educators to facilitate their ability to teach a “flipped classroom” while also gaining live experiences, continued guidance and support on how to create hands-on & minds-on learning environments for their students.

We created Teaching 2.0 knowing that for many teachers, using some of the modern tools of today’s classroom, introducing real time classroom analytics, and even teaching from a flipped classroom model all require training.

By utilizing our Teaching 2.0 training module, your teachers will enter their classrooms with confidence and know-how!

Power STEM Classrooms & Learning with Our Modules

Our learning modules provide teachers with a comprehensive STEM learning framework that empowers educators with a wide array of modern teaching tools and techniques, including a detailed primer of how to utilize flipped classroom techniques both broadly and specifically within each of our learning modules.


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