Poly and Mer STEM Career Skills Units

Learning how to conduct good experiments and convey your findings effectively should be the cornerstone of all science curriculum.

Students interact with Poly & Mer and each other to build effective experiments and lab reports.  Students and teachers learn how to prepare competitive Science Fair projects for Elementary, Middle School, and High School Levels.

Communicating Science – Building Effective Experiments and Lab Reports

 This skill focused module is designed to guide students through the process of creating laboratory reports and scientific presentations. In this module students will be able to explain what a scientific experiment is and explain what a laboratory report is. They will be able to write laboratory reports that communicate the findings and results of a scientific experiment.
Suggested grade level: Middle and High School

Exploring STEM

In this module, students will be able to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by designing and conducting experiments to investigate how the bounce of plastic balls can be improved. Students will be able to prepare a presentation describing what formulation a plastics manufacturing company should use to produce bouncier plastic balls for its customers.  Suggested grade level: Middle and High School

Science Fair Project

In this module, students will create a science fair project by learning how to use the scientific method to: 
1) Ask a good science fair question,
2) Understand what makes a good science fair experiment, and
3) Learn how to communicate a science fair project.
 Suggested Grade Levels: Middle and High School
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