Increase Time and Quality of Student Engagement in Higher Order Tasks

Why Science Modules provides NGSS and Common Core aligned curriculum content to support a teacher’s ability to deliver rigorous science instruction in the classroom and in after-school programs.

Why Science Modules support inquiry-based learning for students and provide continuous professional development for teachers that accelerates learning and creates more rigorous science teaching.

Why Science Modules provide real-time metrics and data teachers and administrators can use to improve the instructional design and strategically target instruction.


Poly and Mer Physical Science Units

Physical Science Module Library

Students experience hands on and interactive learning
in the following physical science areas:

Energy and Matter
Polymers and Plastics
Global Systems
Environmental Impact
Energy Use

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Poly and Mer STEM Career Skills Units

STEM Career Skills Module Library

Students learn how to design and conduct  scientific experiments and convey their findings effectively in the following STEM Career Skills modules:

Communicating Science
Exploring STEM
Science Fair Project

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