Logging into Why Science will allow you to access the administrative features of our Poly & Mer learning Platform- manage, control and drive Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning of your students, viewing your data as well as changing your account information.

To login to your Why Science account, click on “Login” in the top right of most Why Science pages. You will need both the email you created your account with, and your password. Once you’ve provided the necessary information, it will be sent securely to our servers via SSL. A successful login will then redirect you to your Why Science account.


To be able to log into Why Science, you will need the email address you created your account with, as well as your password. If you would like a Why Science account contact us.


We will not prevent you from logging in with any browser, but please note that only Google Chrome, IE9, Firefox, and Safari are officially supported by Why Science.

Logging Into Why Science

  • At the login screen, enter your email address and password to login. Your information will be transmitted over an encrypted SSL connection and you will be taken to your Dashboard page on a successful login.
  • Check the Remember me box to skip the login procedure in the future. This is not recommended for public or shared computers.
  • If you experience problems logging in, please try clearing your cache and any Why Science cookies stored on your computer.

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