This weekend the New York Times ran a very interesting article Why Science Majors Change Their Minds (It’s Just So Darn Hard) which we wanted to spotlight here on the Why Science Blog.

The article does a great […]

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We are very happy to be supporting a great cause that has been put together by our dear friend Gwen Samuel and her colleagues at the CT Parents Union called “Tis The Season To Be Reading“.  In addition we are very happy to share with you that Why […]

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There is a very interesting discussion happening in the Washington Post right now surrounding a study done by Georgetown University economist Anthony Carnevale but the bottom line is that Carnevale and his team reviewed previously unreleased census data over a long period of time and instead of focusing […]

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Mort Zuckerman, U.S. News and World Report chairman and editor-in-chief just gave a very passionate interview on the need to encourage STEM learning in our K-12 schools. Before diving in too far we’d just like to say HOORAY Mr. Zuckerman – your words were very well received over here at Continue Reading

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Is the era of crude oil over? With a little help from genetic engineering, researchers at a company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, say they’ve created an organism that takes sunlight, water and carbon dioxide and creates liquid fuel. Continue Reading

2008 – 2018 Projections

Fastest-growing and highest paying jobs require some postsecondary education in science and math!

What is a college degree worth?

Petroleum Engineering is by far the highest earning Bachelor’s degree major with median earnings of $120,000 and 75th percentile earnings of $189,000. This is followed by Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration with […]

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A UN report published last week says that too many of the rare metals that are essential for green technologies are locked up in old gadgets we throw away or forget about.

The report, from the United Nations Environment Programme, examined the recycling rates of 60 metals. Globally, 34 of them […]

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If you want to earn the big bucks, major in petroleum engineering, pharmacy or computer science, says Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce in an analysis of 171 college majors. “Getting a degree matters, but what you take matters more,” says Anthony Carnevale, the center’s director.

According to this report, by 2018 eight […]

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Continuous advancements in our understanding of materials have propelled us into our technological age where plastics have revolutionized our lives. Are we on the verge of  a sustainable technology age with plastics?  According to a UK solar panel expert, cheaper and lighter compared to its more expensive, cumbersome silicon cousin, plastic photovoltaics (PV) could herald […]

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WHY SCIENCE is committed to encouraging excellence in all areas of STEM fields.  One such area is in STEM business community.  To that end, I have asked branding strategist Rahna Barthelmess to give some guidance for building strong brands in the STEM fields.  Whether you are a business owner who needs to build your company […]

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