Professional Development for Teachers

Create hands-on & minds-on learning experiences for all students with Teaching 2.0.

Why Science provides continuous professional development in the form of Teaching 2.0  training modules. We developed Teaching 2.0 exclusively for educators so they are able to increase student engagement and performance in school subjects by bridging the theory and practice of STEM education with technology. Teaching 2.0 provides teachers continued guidance and support on how to create hands-on & minds-on learning environments for students. Why Science Teaching 2.0 training modules provide teachers with immersive learning experiences that positions teachers to enter the STEM classroom with greater confidence and poise.

The Teacher Driven 21st Century Classroom

With so many wonderful advances in technology, today’s classroom is poised to benefit from a retooling.  The advances and skills that are benefiting the modern world can also be used to create the modern classroom.

However, teachers know it is not easy to integrate modern tech tools, classroom analytics and inquiry based learning practices.  This is why we created Teaching 2.0 modules.  Train teachers to tap into a child’s natural curiosity by harnessing the power of technology and fusing it with the inquiry based learning process.

Poly & Mer educator modules were created with this idea in mind.  Bring together appropriate technology, classroom social networking for example, and combine those modern innovations with inquiry based learning so teachers become more confident in their abilities to teach STEM.

Social Learning with Poly & Mer

The blended learning environment works equally as well for teachers as it does students. The social learning aspects and core inquiry based skills Poly & Mer introduce to students are very much at play in Teaching 2.0 modules.  Not only does the teacher learn about using the Why Science learning system, they also benefit from experiencing the learning system as a student, giving the teacher an empathetic understanding of their students’ learning experiences as well.

Teaching STEM

K-12 teachers employing our “research-to-lessons” approach to develop STEM centric lesson plans for a wide range of school subjects during a Why Science professional development workshop held at the University of Connecticut, Storrs.

Teaching is, without a doubt, one of the most demanding of occupations.  Teachers endure heightening scrutiny because they love what they do. The biggest challenge most teachers have is they don’t have certification or college course work in STEM subjects but are expected to have expert knowledge and ability to teach STEM subjects.

Teaching 2.0 focuses on introducing the critical components involved in the process of scientific problem solving.  These components become the skills that teachers will develop to effectively teach STEM, and in turn, will introduce to and reinforce with their students.

The knowledge and skills obtained from Teaching 2.0 modules will seamlessly be put into practice in the student modules and classroom.   On the Teacher View side of the learning system, teachers have access to exercises, theory, and best practices information.  The requirements for a quality modern education are many and evolving, for both teachers and students.  Our aim is to promote excellence in education for students and teachers alike.


What are teachers are saying about WHY SCIENCE professional development program effectiveness?

“I came away with a deeper understanding of the science and technology concepts presented which I can now pass on to my students. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and wish there could be more of them … In my district, for a large number of students, English is a second language. They don’t have the word bank of those students who were born in the United States. These types of activities help them learn much faster than if they just read. These activities have many societal connections which makes science more meaningful to the students.”

-L. A., High School Teacher, New Haven CT

“I learned a variety of activities that can be used in my freshman class. Got more background in polymerization especially biopolymers.”

J. N., Middle School Teacher, North Haven CT

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