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Prepare for 21stCentury Jobs with Why Science’s “Why Plastics?” Program

If you are interested in developing your learning and thinking skills to help you compete for future jobs in a global workforce, “Why Plastics?” is for you!

I liked working with it the materials... but this Green Careers (Why Plastics?) workshop made me more interested in science. - Kevin Grimes, English Student, Metropolitan Business Academy Credits: Melinda Tuhus, New Haven Independent

The “Why Plastics?” program offers skills and tools to increase educational achievement in reading, writing, math and science. The program is heavily geared  to encourage continued enthusiasm and interest in the high-growth “Green” marketplace of tomorrow.

The “Why Plastics?” curriculum is modular with the capacity to expand to up to 40 hours of course work featuring What Makes Plastics Different? learning module.

The “Why Plastics?” Program Delivers:

  • Stronger Student Participation in STEM: Effective hands-on and minds-on teaching strategies that meet state and national standards, accelerate student achievement and engagement in science and math.
  • Increase Number of Students Entering the STEM workforce: Hands-on and minds-on experiences that promote high retention levels amongst students studying STEM subjects in high school and college.

When you participate in “Why Plastics?”, you will

  • Ignite your passion for science by exposing you to standards based hands-on and minds-on activities, learning games and experiments.
  • Develop skills for 21st Century problem-solving, improve science literacy, and gain content knowledge in physical science and manufacturing technology.
  • Gain access to Learning Modules and other resources that make learning science a fun and rigorous educational experience for you!

Thanks to our Sponsor:

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“We know that the jobs of the 21st century will be centered in the STEM areas – science, technology, engineering and math. Furthermore, we truly believe that employers of the future will want workers who have knowledge — but more importantly who have logic ability and good decision making skills. This is why we feel that the focus of Why Science is so important – because you teach logic, reasoning, deduction, and decision making as a part of your scientific experiments. By supporting young people in their quest for high-value good paying jobs, we are in effect creating our customers of the future.” – Lynn Smith, Vice President Business Development, START Community Bank

Testimonials from Students About Why Plastics?:

“This has helped me a lot with chemistry and everything.” – Ashley Kippins, Why Plastics? Student

“It makes me think about my background. See I have some African American in me, so it makes me think what they are doing, what they can do, I can do it too” – Joe Landor, Why Plastics? Student

“This program [Why Plastics?] will be very rewarding not only for the students but for me as a lab TA (laboratory teaching assistant). I know some of the students will be challenging, but my goal is that each student comes out of the program with a greater understanding and appreciation for the world of science and that they view learning in a different light. Whether they decide to be chemists or not, I think this program helps boost self-esteem and confidence because as each student emerges they’ve done something new that they didn’t think they could do before, like understanding polymers, or they’ve done something they’ve never had the opportunity to do, like perform experiments in a lab setting.”- Johanna Carroll, Why Plastics? Undergraduate Student Teacher (Current Graduate Student at Cornell University)

Testimonials from Parents and Educators About Why Plastics?:

“Before WHY Plastics? there really wasn’t anything for our kids to access as far as structured after school academic environments for them to learn new things ….our kids were seriously jazzed about what they had done … her program was great that way. She really engaged the kids!” -from Ease the Quiet Storm, Tamae Memole, Associate Director of Community-Based Services, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany

“Some kids never thought about going to college, they thought that it wasn’t a possibility for them, their parents did not speak of them going to college, or they said that they did not do well in school, so that gave them the motivation to say okay I can go to college one day.”-from Ease the Quiet Storm, Selina Dobbs, Why Plastics? Parent

“… I will say that at the end of the week there were a lot of kids who really liked science and you see that there were a lot of kids who understood it and had the potential to understand the fundamentals of science and hopefully take it on as a future career”– from Ease the Quiet Storm Dr. Vinny Sastri, President Winovia Consulting & Past President Eastern New York Section of the American Chemical Society


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