The Why Science® Learning Systems empower educators to teach STEM topics, science literacy and problem-solving skills aligned with frameworks and standards in all classrooms.  The critical need to improve methods of teaching STEM topics and produce a sustainable STEM workforce, continually informs and drives Why Science research and development.  The efficiencies that the Why Science® Learning Systems produce, with regard to the way educators teach and how students learn in the classroom, are proven.  Educators commonly refer to the Why Science® Learning Systems as customizable classroom “playbooks.”

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Why Science is head-quartered at 5 Science Park, New Haven, Connecticut 06511.

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Founder and CEO

Dr. Yvonne A. Akpalu

Dr. Yvonne A. Akpalu

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Dr. Yvonne A. Kielhorn née Akpalu is founder and CEO of Why Science®. Dr. Kielhorn has extensive Research & Development experience in Academia, Industry and Government spanning more than 20 years. Her scientific and leadership abilities have been recognized by multiple research, education and entrepreneurship awards.  She holds a Ph. D. in Polymer Science & Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (Amherst, MA) and a B. A. in Chemistry (High Honors) and Physics from Smith, College (Northampton, MA).

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Our Team

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Our team of artists, educators, business professionals, engineers and scientists, led by Dr. Kielhorn, helps schools increase teacher confidence and student achievement. We offer hands-on and minds-on workshops as well as consulting services for schools.  As consultants to your school, we assess your learning environment, and present a plan on how to design high achieving, dynamic STEM teaching and learning experiences. Our team will work closely with you to achieve all of your goals.

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Why Science Awards & Honors

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