Why Science Learning System

The Why Science® learning system is a closed-loop, social learning, web-based classroom network.  

Through the online portal students and educators can interact at any time, from any device, to complete and discuss assignments. Module homework is uploaded into student portfolios for easy review and grading. 

The Why Science Learning System allows teachers and administrators to:

  • Streamline the process of teaching with ready-made and customizable modules that are stored in the portal.
  • Empower teachers with better classroom control through the portal’s student management system. The portal shows the teacher where each student is in the lesson, making it easy to manage student outcomes, and drive student progress.   
  • Bridge the gap between the theory (framework & standards) and the practice of teaching (assessments, instruction, curriculum, teacher preparation & development).  
  • Customize the Learning Modules™, which seamlessly integrate Common Core & Next Generation Science Standards, to fit their curriculum. Why Science has science curriculum that is ready to teach, but teachers can create and customize the modules to meet the diverse learning needs of students for any school subject, not just STEM, at any level of instruction.
  • Evaluate teacher and curriculum effectiveness based on student participation and speed of progress.

The Why Science Learning System allows students to:

  • Interact with their instructors and classmates through the portal’s private email and chat system.  
  • Learn from their mistakes as well as the library of online resources the teacher and module provide.
  • Work on projects and problem solving at their own pace with virtual guides Poly & Mer.
  • Let their natural curiosity about the next step propel them to learn and identify research questions, design and conduct experiments.
  • Develop critical thinking, and problem solving skills. 
  • Stay motivated by seeing the level of completion of the assigned module.

Poly and Mer Physical Science UnitsPoly and Mer STEM Career Skills Units

Why Science Learning Modules™ 

  • Support scientific thinking and  inquiry based methods of teaching and learning in any school subject.
  • Provide continuous professional development for teachers and real-time monitoring of student progress.
  • Empower teachers to increase student engagement and performance in school subjects.

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