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Why Science was created after recognizing that our students were starting to fall behind in the critical areas of Math & Science.

Out of 34 industrialized countries, American students rank 17th in science and 25th in math assessment scores, respectively (PISA 2009). This gap limits our nation’s ability to solve the complex problems of our time, inhibits the innovation that is required to remain competitive, and is creating severe long-term economic consequences for our country.

Many of our current K-12 educators are very strong in the letters categories with degrees in subjects like English and history, but they are not as well prepared to teach math and science. That said, these are still outstanding educators, but when it comes to STEM education they have not been equipped with the proper tools.  When teaching core STEM subject on “the inside” the teacher might feel inadequate, which means that likely on “the outside” they are not projecting confidence and enthusiasm.  As we all know, kids are very perceptive…

At Why Science, our background is firmly rooted in the science.  We were early to see that not only were our teachers falling behind but so were our students.  But, rather than focus solely on the problem, we also wanted to contribute to the solution.  As fate would have it, our unique understandings of both the educational system and the global workplace of tomorrow put us squarely in the cross hairs of both issues – the problem and the solution.

And while we saw that there was a shortfall in our education, our own qualitative and quantitative assessments led us to believe there was not necessarily a shortfall in our educators, but we also could see that many of our educators were lacking the proper tools.

In particular we could see that our many of our K-12 educators were not familiar with the basic premise of how to scientifically solve a problem.  That was our big secret, and from this insight Why Science was born. 

We first introduce our “research-to-lessons” methodology in our teacher workshops where we actively engage with educators, guiding them through the scientific processes for problem solving. After introducing and reinforcing the concept, educators explore how best to introduce this concept to their students by using our interactive learning technology and associated resources.  The result is the educators now walk into the classroom feeling more confident in their own abilities.  That same confidence is then transferred to the students.

Our early successes with teachers and students have inspired us to crave more.  As a company we are actively committed to growth and we are looking forward to continuing to help do our part to pave the way towards a bright and prosperous future for all our children.



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