Our Commitment

As a company we are firmly committed to help to ensure that ALL our students get the benefit of a great education.  We believe that through good education our students will grow up to be more confident, able and productive members of society.  We also believe that through education, the students of today will make better decisions in the world of tomorrow.

The Scientific Method for Solving Everyday Problems

While Why Science is firmly rooted in STEM Education, we also are big believers in empowerment through education.  One way that education empowers our children is through the process of teaching them to solve problems and science and math in particular are early areas where we can really allow our children to gain the confidence necessary for so many aspects of their future lives.  The scientific method for problem solving is also a wonderful methodology that can be applied to social settings with a moral underpinning, but again this methodology is best learned in the course of math and science learning.

We have found that graduates of our courses are generally more confident not only STEM areas but also about the prospect of secondary education in general.  The reason for this we believe is that while prior to taking one of  our courses, many of our students lacked the confidence to solve problems because they lacked the right tool.  Following the completion of our course, that same student is now considerably more confident in their own ability to solve both known and unknown problems as they now have a great foundational tool to do so.

Empowering students by teaching them how to solve problems.

Removing The Achievement Gap

It is no secret that one of the best ways to achieve success in America is through education.  A good education provides knowledge, confidence and the skills necessary to succeed.  Unfortunately it has also been very well documented that there is a huge disparity between some of our school systems – this phenomenon is referred to as “The Achievement Gap”.

The Achievement  Gap is a contributing factor to ongoing poverty particularly among our rural and inner city areas.  With the global workplace currently placing an even greater emphasis on STEM skills the result of the increasing Achievement Gap is that those students in less well funded schools will be at an ever greater disadvantage, only serving to reinforce a continuing negative cycle.

At Why Science we are firmly committed to doing our part to help end this cycle and to bring to a close the Achievement Gap.  We have found that with our “research-to-lessons” approach to classroom learning, we are very able to introduce the core concepts of the program to ALL our students, and the results from ALL our graduates has been great. Our findings reflect the successful implementation of the National Science Education Standards for teaching & learning science in our classrooms.

At Why Science we have also been very fortunate to have had the benefit of securing some early partners for some of our programs which has allowed us to expand our reach considerably.  Toward that end we are continually exploring new opportunities to partner with other interested parties who share this common goal of closing the Achievement Gap. Should you have an interest in engaging with us please contact us to learn more.



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