How We Work

WHY SCIENCE staff works individually with teachers and administrators to provide cost-effective holistic solutions that ensure students become skilled at learning and problem solving.

Our Philosophy

“Learning science is something that students do, not something that is done to them” – National Science Education Standards, 1996

How We Work with You

Experience: A WHY SCIENCE team can hit the ground running and see your project through to completion. On time-on budget.

Communication: When you partner with WHY SCIENCE know that your concerns become our concerns. Effective solutions are born from open, collaborative dialogue.

Flexibility: We take pride in building a relationship with you that responds to your school’s educational needs and goals. WHY SCIENCE does not believe in cookie cutter approaches to school improvement.

Input: At Why Science we develop our programs with an agile development model.  Therefore, your input and engagement is a critical factor in ensuring that our workshops and tools remain relevant and continue to push towards the forefront of STEM learning.

Results: We strive to provide enlightening consulting services, hands-on & minds-on training that is easily implemented in the classroom, and teaching resources that reinforce hands-on & minds-on training. These 3 things will ensure the learning success and problem solving skills of your students. They will also help you meet science, literacy and math standards, and ultimately increase the talent pool in STEM for America.

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Thank You Workshop Partners

WHY SCIENCE thanks the following organizations for providing resources and facility support for the initial software testing phase of our Poly & Mer Interactive Learning Technology:

2011:  Metropolitan Business Academy

2010: Connecticut Education Connection (2010 i3 Grant Winner) & Connecticut Science Teachers Association

2009: NSF CRISP @ Southern Connecticut State University and Yale University & Connecticut Science Teachers Association

We would like to thank the following organizations for providing financial support that made the initial software testing phase of our Poly & Mer Interactive Learning Technology possible in 2009  – 2011:

  • START Community Bank
  • Connecticut Society of Plastics Engineers
  • Southern Connecticut State University


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