Ease The Quiet Storm is a 40 minute documentary exploring solutions to America’s growing education problem, and how this problem impacts our global competitiveness. This teaching & learning resource was produced to educate and to inspire parents and teachers into an active role.

What’s in Ease The Quiet Storm for You?

Use this film to help you

  • Raise awareness of how to solve America’s growing education problem.
  • Understand how to help every American child compete in the Sciences.
  • Understand how you can help the United States regain its global leadership in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

What’s in Ease The Quiet Storm for Teachers?

Use this film to help you

  • Improve student achievement in reading and writing through critical evaluation.
  • Improve literacy in science.
  • Teach with less stress and gain better teacher student experiences.

Know a teacher? Get your teacher a DVD of Ease The Quiet Storm today!

Be Empowered! Click here to learn more about the documentary at easethequietstorm.com


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