For the second year in a row, New Haven Hillhouse Students Win at the New Haven Science Fair


We extend our congratulations to the James Hillhouse High School students who entered and received awards in the highly competitive New Haven Science Fair at Yale University in May, 2014.  James Hillhouse students have won the New Haven Science Fair two years in a row by utilizing Why Science’s Learning Modules to prepare for the annual competition. 

“The students did such an amazing job and I’m so pleased that the Why Science® modules helped them to compete,”  said Why Science founder and CEO, Dr. Yvonne Kielhorn. “James Hillhouse High School has been using our modules since 2013.  There has been a dramatic increase in overall math and science comprehension and performance since it’s implementation.” 

James Hillhouse Award Winners in Biological Sciences (Individual)

First Place: Christopher Brockenberry “Salty Roots.” The project also won the Woman’s Seaman’s Friend Society Award for excellence in the study of fresh and/or saltwater ecology.
Honorable Mention:  Raekwon Chambers “Think Outside The Sink”
Honorable Mention: Domany Koivogui “Artificial Dinner”
Honorable Mention: Koleyatu Sheriff “Let’s See Who Is Most Stubborn.”  The project also was awarded the Watershed Fund Award for most innovative project related to water, water conservation, or environmental science.

James Hillhouse Award Winners in Physical Sciences (Individual)

Third Place: 3rd Mahasa Jenkins “The Run Down On Runoff.” The project also won the  Woman’s Seaman’s Friend Society Award for excellence in the study of fresh and/or saltwater ecology.

About The New Haven Science Fair

The New Haven Science Fair Program was started in 1995 with seven test schools. In 2014 over 8000 New Haven students and 43 schools participated, utilizing more than 160 volunteers for mentoring and judging. The program is dedicated to improve the quality of education, particularly science and math education in the New Haven Schools Grades Pre-K through 12.

About Why Science

Why Science® provides a cloud based customizable learning system that uses a students’ natural curiosity to challenge students to learn effectively. The system serves as a framework for creating Learning Modules that seamlessly integrate current educational standards.  The system also streamlines the teaching process and supports strong classroom instruction by saving teachers time and energy, bridging the gap between the theory (frameworks and standards) and the practice of teaching (assessments, instruction, curriculum, teacher preparation and development).

Learning Modules support inquiry-based learning for any school subject and provide continuous professional development for teachers, empowering them to increase student engagement and performance in school subjects.  Teachers can customize Learning Modules to meet the diverse learning needs of students. Why Science is welcomed as an aid to teachers and teachers assistants.  Why Science learning systems improve efficiencies in the way teachers teach and how students learn.


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