MüTō Corp. Forms Non-Profit Joint Venture Alliance with Q2PR, Why Science® & The Dojo Charter School

June 12, 2013 (New York, NY) – MüTō Performance Corp. announced a joint venture with Why Science®, Quadrant Two PR, and The Dojo Charter School, to bring an exciting, new annual citywide science fair to New York City’s elementary, middle school and high school students.

The joint venture includes MüTō Performance Corp, a turnaround project management organization; Quadrant Two PR, a national PR and marketing firm specialized in Multicultural marketing, general market investor relations, and creators of the EVECAIN Network for Entrepreneurs and Investors; The Dojo, a charter school based on the principles of the martial arts and due to open in NYC in the 2015-2016 school calendar year; and Why Science®  the creators of the award winning innovative Why Learning System™.

Dr. Yvonne Kielhorn and the MuTo Team including: from Right to left: Managing Director, Lou Gasco, Business Development Director, Nick Joshi; Dr. Yvonne Kielhorn, CEO Of Why Science. Nancy Ferreras, Operations Director; and Sr. Project Manager, CEO Of Why Science. Nancy Ferreras, Operations Director; and Sr. Project Manager, CEO Of Why Science. Nancy Ferreras, Operations Director; and Sr. Project Manager, Theron McInnis.

“All NYC schools are invited to participate.  However, based on discussions with the NYC Charter School Association and the DOE we will be piloting our full program in 2014 with NYC Charter Schools.  They provide a great cross-section of the city’s demographics and based on the success of 2014’s event, we’ll be promoting the 2015 event across all schools in NYC.” said MüTō’s Managing Director, Lou Gasco.

“We will operate as a non-profit corporation dedicated to inspiring excellence in STEM education through the vehicle of an exciting Science Fair.  We’ll be using the inquiry teaching method supported by the Why Learning System™ to power the program.  Planning has begun, five project teams are involved and with the help of our sponsors and supporters we’ll be making this the hottest event NYC’s school children will want to participate in every year!” Mr. Gasco concluded.

“We hope that our involvement in this STEM based framework of curriculums inspires the next generation of scientists.” added JM de Jesus, President of Quadrant Two PR. “This program is sure to get national media attention and are planning a hot social media effort to raise the participation level of today’s students.  There are multiple opportunities for sponsors to be associated with this exciting effort in new innovative ways.  It’s all for the benefit of our children, their educators and our country’s future.” Mr. de Jesus added.

“Through this joint venture, we are delighted to be supporting the improvement of our country’s STEM infrastructure by offering the use of our Why Learning System™ for this effort,” said Why Science® founder and CEO Dr. Yvonne A. Kielhorn.

For information about how you can become involved as a school, sponsor or supporter contact info@MuToCorp.com; or JM de Jesus at Quadrant Two PR at (646) 234-7196 or JM@Q2PR.com.


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