As we celebrate teachers this week, there are so many things to be thankful for, but we should start at the top with a recognition that we appreciate everything that teachers do.

Walking into a classroom every day, motivating, inspiring, and yes, teaching children is certainly an endeavor worth celebrating!

For our part, we’d like to express our sincere appreciation to all the teachers that we have had to the privilege of interacting with here at Why Science as well as all the teachers our entire team has had the honor of learning from.

What do teachers want and how can we support them?

Nearly 1,000 educators participated in a National Education Association online poll asking “What do you want for National Teacher Day?”

While teachers love apples, flowers and drawings from their students, two choices were neck-and-neck. “Stop the testing mania! Let me teach and individually evaluate students” and “Trust my education and experience: Give me control over my students’ instruction and assessment.  Why Science® learning systems streamlines the teaching process by providing customizable inquiry-based learning systems that empower teachers to save time and energy controlling classrooms, managing student outcomes and driving student progress.

Happy Teachers Day. We Appreciate You Teachers!

Links and Resources

1. National Education Association Teacher Day Website



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