Business New Haven has named Dr. Yvonne Kielhorn (née Akpalu) Minority Businessperson of the Year for her creation and development Why Science, customized inquiry-based learning systems that empower educators to teach STEM topics, science literacy and problem-solving skills aligned with frameworks and standards in any classroom.

“Through this award, Business New Haven is recognizing all of the educators who have partnered with me to improve STEM education,” said Dr. Kielhorn.  “It is because of their honest feedback that the Why Science Learning Systems are empowering teachers to increase student engagement and performance in STEM.”

Dr. Kielhorn’s creation of the innovative “hands-on, minds-on” learning system is not only changing the way teachers engage students, but the Why Science program ignites a passion for STEM learning among students.  In effect, the Why Science® Learning System produces efficiencies in the way educators teach and how students learn by providing teachers with customizable playbooks to use in their classrooms. Schools in the U.S. and abroad are licensing the Why Science® technology.

Dr. Kielhorn is blazing a trail to leave a lasting legacy similar to the scientist we’re celebrating for Black History Month 2013, Dr. Percy Julian, one of the greatest chemists of the 20th century.

Join us in congratulating Dr. Kielhorn on her prestigious honor.

To read the full story, “Hands-On, Mind-On: Why Science? Educator Kielhorn gives students the answer,” in Business New Haven on page 26 click here.


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