Happy New Year! Why Science is kicking off 2013 with new Poly & Mer demos and Teaching 2.0 Professional Development sessions, available online or at your school.

How is your school staying on the upside of rapidly evolving technology?

The speed at which innovative technology quickly becomes obsolete is alarming.  Technology is a must in the modern classroom and has to be attention grabbing in order for students to engage in learning.

Is what you are using in the classroom today going to be engaging and relevant tomorrow?

The challenge of finding relevant and sustainable technology is a real dilemma for teachers.  Another concern is having the skills to use these tech tools to promote student progress, let alone finding related STEM professional development.  Finding a teaching tool that also has an inquiry based learning approach and can help bridge the gap between the theory and the practice of STEM education is even more daunting.

At Why Science we have immersed ourselves in this space to provide learning solutions that build on the technological competencies of our times while also recognizing realities that teachers face in the classroom.

Tune in for our upcoming radio interview on WQUN AM 1220 to hear about how the Why Science web 2.0 platform, hands-on kits and Teaching 2.0 professional development modules help teachers increase student performance with real-world STEM learning. The interview with Dr. Yvonne (Akpalu) Kielhorn is scheduled for 8:30 am Friday January 4, 2013.

While we are not sure if they take calls during our interview, please feel free to go to the WQUN Facebook Page as that might be a good way to have your questions addressed on air.

From Milford to Madison to Meriden, to Hamden, New Haven and more, Quinnipiac’s commercial radio station has a diverse format that includes local news, interviews, national news, and live coverage of Quinnipiac sports.


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