Technology is providing our classrooms with many new learning opportunities but with many of these changes we are also introducing some very interesting challenges. One of these challenges is bridging the theory and the practice of using Inquiry Based Teaching Models in a way that adds value to the classroom experience by increasing student engagement and performance, in not just STEM, but all school subjects. In order to make that happen teachers also need to ready themselves with knowing best practices and using technology tools to accelerate student achievement.

On one hand we have this extremely exciting time where we are all discovering new teaching technologies that in turn are paving the way for new innovations with how we teach. The connected classroom of tomorrow is quickly becoming the reality of today.

On the other hand we also need to make sure that we are actually providing real value and to ensure that our classrooms are actually ready for what ‘the future’ holds. A ready classroom means adequate facilities. It means proper materials. It redefines homework and what tools a student needs. It also introduces a new set of teaching skills that our teachers need to address.

The challenges are very real. The stakes are very high. The desire is there. Now we need the know-how!

At Why Science we have immersed ourselves in this space to provide learning solutions that build on the technological competencies of our times while also recognizing realities that teachers face in the classroom.

Our team is exceptionally well versed in Inquiry Based Teaching, and Poly & Mer, our STEM education platform, empowers teachers to use time and resource efficient technology based classroom models (tools), and also teaches them how to get the most from these tools as well (know-how)!

If you are looking for effective ways to increase student performance by bridging the gap between the theory and practice of STEM education, schedule a professional development day with Why Science at your school. In our professional development sessions you will experience first-hand our suite of Inquiry based teaching and learning tools to help ensure that the STEM learning process is highly interactive, engaging and fun:

  • Teacher training modules providing continuous development of STEM knowledge and teaching practice
  • Easy to use cloud based classroom management tools
  • Inquiry based learning framework that develops students’ critical thinking and creative problem solving skills

Schedule A Professional Development Day with Why Science!


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