Today is “World Teachers’ Day.” This global event which is run by UNESCO has been held every year since 1994 and the purpose is to both celebrate teachers across the world and also to provide an opportunity for greater awareness for what teacher’s do and what their particular needs are. This particular day also has a very global presence which speaks to not only the pressing need to educate EVERYONE, but also the global appeal of education.

Here in America we are asking some really hard questions regarding our education system, how we prioritize, how we fund and how we measure. America is not alone in asking these questions – every nation addresses all these issues when it comes to education. Around the world, enrollment in primary schools is soaring, as a result of population rise & efforts to put more kids in school by 2015. But quality is compromised in many countries that can’t get enough teachers into classrooms.

Below are some troubling facts:
• The world needs 6.8 million teachers to meet the goal of universal primary education for everyone. Sixty percent of teachers are needed in sub-Saharan Africa.

• In the Central African Republic, there are 84 students per teacher. That’s quadruple the average for OECD nations (like the USA).

• 61 million primary school-age children are out of school around the world, and nearly half will never enter school at any time in their lives.

Why Science is a STEM education technology company so we spend a great deal of time providing tools and training to help teachers increase student performance in STEM. As a result we are very familiar with not only what teacher’s do on a daily basis, but also why we all need to celebrate them and do our part to recruit more people into the teaching profession.

Happy World Teachers’ Day!


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