We are pleased to announce an ongoing online demonstration of Poly & Mer to showcase our product. Poly & Mer is our new learning platform offering 360o solution for teaching literacy, problem solving and STEM.

Our product demonstrations are focused on providing our guests with a great overview of our learning platform and in each demo we will be covering the following items:

  • A high level understanding of how the platform operates.
  • Showcase the platform from the perspective of our core stakeholders:
  1. Educators
  2. Students
  3. Administrators
  • Provide our guests with more detail surrounding our security structure.
  • Our approach to STEM education, and how this inquiry driven approach to learning and teaching STEM is “baked” into the entire platform.

Our product demos are scheduled to run roughly 20 minutes long followed by Q & A.

Further, we will be adding additional dates for the remainder of October and beyond shortly. If there is a particular time of day that you feel we have not served, kindly respond either in a comment or directly by contacting our team.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!


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