STEM education is an extremely dynamic space these days. Perhaps it has to do with the economy? Maybe we are at the beginning of a “technology bloom?” Perhaps the renewed interest in STEM education is a result of new classroom teaching tools that are specifically effective for teaching core STEM subjects in our classroom? Or maybe so much of the interest in actually being driven by a major uptick in interest from our students and we are all ignoring the most obvious reason simply because it is so obvious?

Certainly exploring the “reasons” for the renewed interest are worthy of our thought, but for this installment of the STEM education news recap, rather than focusing on the reasons we instead would like to theme this post around “What Next?” In particular, as we are now starting to direct our energy towards the 2012 school year we thought it would be interesting to explore ways in which communities, private sector and government are trying to assist others as they provide STEM education services.

Before we dive in – 2 quick thoughts. THANK YOU to all those that have stepped up – the below articles are only a small sample of the amazing efforts we are seeing in this space and DO MORE! Hopefully in reading the stories below others might be empowered and inspired to do more. Right now is an amazing time for STEM education, so many interesting teaching tools are being introduced to our classroom, in addition to many interesting technologies and even new teaching models that are in part reliant on these new technologies.

So again…. This is only a small, but noteworthy sample of great stories we recently found that are slanted towards encouraging and empowering our educators in the area of STEM education:

The STEM education news recaps are always tremendously fun for our team to work on.  We love seeing what everyone is up to, and learning from them.   In addition, another benefit for our team with regard to these STEM STEM education news roundups is we are provided a great opportunity to see how our community is supporting itself and also how the STEM education community is aligning within the overall space of education.

This recap in particular was especially gratifying in large part because so many of these stories are focused on how other individuals and entities are working hard to help make sure our educators are well positioned to prepare our students to enter the world of tomorrow.

If you have other great recent stories of your community somehow stepping up and empower STEM learning please feel free to share links below.


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