Following our announcement in late May that we were bringing Poly & Mer to classrooms for the fall of 2012 our entire team has been hard at work, applying the finishing touches to the platform and toward that end we have been extremely humbled by both the wonderful amount of support and also by the amount of interest our product has managed to garner.

When creating a new product for so long our team has been “inside of it” but as we’ve begun to conduct outside tests with teachers and classrooms the early feedback with regard to how our platform helps teachers teach scientific & engineering practices and crosscutting concepts with disciplinary core ideas in STEM has often exceeded our expectations.

Why Science’s blended learning solutions provides a comprehensive STEM learning framework that assists teachers by empowering them with a wide array of modern teaching tools and techniques, including a detailed primer of how to utilize flipped classroom techniques both broadly and specifically within each of our learning modules.

In the Why Science learning framework, curriculum, instructional and assessment tools are structured so all learning (e.g., thinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening, research & development) occurs as an inquiry process. When learning occurs as an inquiry process students “identify their assumptions, use critical and logical thinking, and consider alternative explanations. In this way, students actively develop their understanding of science by combining scientific knowledge with reasoning and thinking skills.“ (National Science Education Standards 1996)

Ignite a passion for STEM. Make your classroom a richer learning environment today by bringing Poly & Mer into your classroom. Contact us to learn more


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