The drum beat of progress continues to play as we all experience and integrate technology trends in the “evolving classroom.” For students this means a changing classroom dynamic. For parents it might mean having to “stay current”. And for us, as educators, it has become increasingly important that we evolve too. Some of this evolution has to do we what we teach. Some of the teaching evolution is also grounded in how we teach.

An example being cursive hand-writing which is not something that is required in every classroom today. Why? Because children are more and more turning to the keyboard. Even at fundemental levels like “writing” curriculum is being forced to evolve due to technology.

As our company provides technology focused STEM education solutions we are naturally very interested in technology trends in the evolving classroom. While we have a real passion for STEM and also for technology, we have also taken great joy in observing how the classroom continues to evolve. Some interesting things are certainly happening as a result of new technologies. Also it has been very interesting to observe the emotions involved in introducing technology into the classroom – there have been ups and yes, there have also been downs..

Here are some recent articles we’ve seen that we are happy to share with you as they are exploring the emerging role of technology in a very fast moving and dynamic classroom of today.

STEM Education Technology Trends: Evolving Classrooms from Cisco’s Technology News Site. This article explores the role of gaming, and gaming mechanics and how game play impacts the classroom, particularly surrounding STEM education.

Teachable Tech: Classroom Trends To Watch by This article explores a number of interesting technologies that classrooms are beginning to co-opt such as the use of cellphones (you read that correctly!), social networks and even interactive PowerPoint presentations.

Trends | Teachers Want More Access to Classroom Technology by Ed Tech Digest. A brief treatment of the desire by teachers for access to more technology.

PTA members unite. Your classrooms need you!

4 Classroom Technology Trends Hitting Your School Wireless Network by Secure Edge Networks. This article explores a number of interesting ways in which wireless technology has moved into the classroom. Make sure to scroll all the way through – the write up on “Distance Learning” is certainly an interesting approach.

Of course there are many other articles out there, but the above articles certainly begin to introduce and to explore some very interesting technology trends in the evolving classroom of today.

While America continues to be a trailblazer in terms of early adoption of technology, including in our classrooms, we still seem to be seeing a widening gap (with our children falling more and more behind) in terms of STEM education as measured against many other nations. The reasons for this are of course part of an ongoing conversation, but it seems safe to say that while technology will continue to play a role, technology alone will not be able to close this gap. We can comfortably support this statement as we are big believers in the role of technology in the classroom, but we also recognize that technology alone will not solve our problems. We will also still need to continue to invest in making sure our teachers have not only the tools but also the know-how, and parents will still need to invest their own time and energy into reinforcing the value of STEM education in their children.

We look forward to the challenges ahead, both inside the classroom and beyond including trying to address large challenges that are gripping our entire nation (such as how to best position our children in the workforce of tomorrow.) Even more so we look forward to continuing in our own role at the forefront of exploring technology in the classroom, including the upcoming release of our own STEM learning technology platform Poly & Mer, working with and learning for so many other talented companies, organizations, teachers, parents and of course students.


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