As you may already know, we are in the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 7 – May 11, 2012). There are so many things to enjoy about this particular event, but we should start at the top with a recognition that we appreciate everything that teachers do.

Walking into a classroom every day, motivating, inspiring, and yes teaching children is certainly an endeavor worth celebrating!

Of course we know all teachers are great and offer tremendous value to all classroom, but as our company is focused on STEM learning, we’d like to make a more narrow suggestions for everyone as they continue to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week – if you have not yet done so, please let make sure to share your appreciation with your math and science teachers as well! We know they’d love to hear from you and yes, your words and actions do have tremendous value and they can serve as a great ongoing motivator for those who have taught you in the past, or perhaps even those teaching you today.

For our part, we’d like to once again express our sincere appreciation to all the teachers that we have had to the privilege of interacting with here at Why Science as well as all the teachers our entire team has had the honor of learning from.


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