When it comes to education, technology and resourcing the past decade has been really amazing.

In particular, technology has evolved at a massive scale and at such a rapid pace that our society has now entered a “new” era of information and communication. This massively transformative time in our lives has impacted virtually every sector of both our economy (STEM suddenly is a huge priority for our “job creators”) as well as our society (even grandmothers, albeit not on the scale of other generations, are utilizing 2.0 communication tools such as Skype and Facebook.) And yes, we are very much seeing an impact in the education space as well with technology advancements and changing needs of our “new” economy driving a particularly large influence in STEM learning.

With that in mind today we are very pleased to share with you a list of “STEM Education Resources Lists”. While so much can be said about each and every company and institution listed within each of these lists, as well as about the organizations that have put these lists together, it is also quite humbling to marvel at the speed at which, under the right circumstances, technology can innovate and become a very positive change agent. As little as 10 years this post would have been written so differently!

It has been a really interesting few years to say the least! Even a cursory review of all the resources listed in this collection should leave you immensely inspired.  The future is bright!

If you have other great STEM resource lists feel free to share them in the comments section below or contact us to ask that we add your resource to this list.


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