Technology and Education continue to be an emerging story of 2012.

Just this past Sunday Sal Khan, the founder of the Khan Academy was on 60 Minutes. Needless to say this story brought forward a torrent of opinions and likely also inspired a number of other people who are currently either working out a closet or perhaps their garage to try to bring forward other ground breaking solutions either in education or elsewhere.

For us at Why Science, as the merging of education and technology are the underpinnings of our entire company we would like to extend our own appreciation to the folks at 60 Minutes for putting together such a nice piece and for using their powerful lens to shine a bright light on one way that technology is currently being utilized the help students learn. Of course congratulations to Sal Khan and everyone at his team for managing to achieve so much as well!

This story (video embedded below) is important for a variety of reasons many of which go beyond the Khan Academy but for us here at Why Science this story feels like yet another chapter in what we are seeing as a big story for 2012 – that being the embracing and the use of new technology to help provide for new teaching solutions. We’ve seen a great deal of enthusiasm already for Apple and their new iBooks education platform and right here on our site in January we talked about this idea in this post titled How Technology is Changing Education.

We are also seeing a much greater interest directly from school district and other education providers regarding both our products and our education technology training. Beyond what we are directly seeing it has also been interesting to see that the concept of technology entering the classroom has begun to go mainstream as evidenced by the 60 Minutes piece as well as by numerous other publication and government agencies. In fact just today it was announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski and Education Secretary Arne Duncan will advise a commission to connect more classrooms to the Internet.

Going even further we are starting to see a groundswell of private enterprise looking to enter the space of technology and education. This could be great news for all our children as if private enterprise along with government action (at the local, state and federal levels) all conspire to try to bring “more” to our classrooms the biggest winners will of course be all our students.

And while 2012 promises to be a banner year, 2012 also will be a foundational year for education in the classroom from which we can all look forward to both the introduction of many great innovations but also the introduction of perhaps a nuance in our thinking as well.

So without further ago, please take a look at the interview on 60 Minutes.


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