Education is always ripe for “change”. When it comes to education “change” is also often the subject of intense passion. The economy. The classroom size. The social issues. The teachers. The parents. The school districts. And of course let’s not forget the students! All these factors and many more play into how we introduce change in our classrooms.

One factor that has tremendous traction right now is the notion of innovation and it’s role in education. In particular innovation that involves technology is a big issue right now that really has people motivated. As you can imagine, innovation and its role in education is also a huge issue for us as we are an education technology company.

So here are some very interesting articles that have recently addressed the notion of innovation in education which we thought were extremely interesting for all kinds of reasons and which we think you might enjoy as well:

Will Innovation Save Education? This very thought provoking article talks about scarcity and abundance and how technology might address these issues in our classroom.

The New Platform for Learning This is a transcript of the speech US Education Secretary Arne Duncan gave at the technology conference SXSW. Feels like a must read if you want to get a sense of where our Federal Government sees things heading.

I’ve seen the tremendous transformational potential of technology in education.

Innovation in Education Always nice to get some perspective from the Venture community – Union Square Ventures has also invested in Edmodo so beyond thinking about it they are actively placing capital in the education / technology / innovation space.

The Innovation Mismatch: “Smart Capital” and Education Innovation Courtesy of the Harvard Business Review. A very interesting article that gives some perspective on historical limitations as well as a potential path towards solutions.

Apple Distinguished Educators Why would we expect anything less from Apple! They have made it very clear that education is a big vertical they are looking to have a big presence in and this program is yet another way Apple is actively soliciting input from educational innovators. It appears the next potential enrollment period is November 2012 so teachers mark your calendars…

And those articles are just a small sampling of how much the concept of innovation is evolving and how innovation is finding its way into our classroom.


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