“When I am not engaged, it is because the work is not intellectually engaging.” – HSSSE 2009 Student Respondent

The most recent results from the High School Survey of Student Engagement show that only two percent of students surveyed said they’d never been bored in school. Students who have thought about dropping out continue to cite a lack of engagement with the school as a reason:

  • 50 percent said they considered dropping out because they didn’t like the school (51 percent cited this in the 2008 survey);
  • 39 percent said they considered it because they didn’t like the teachers (40 percent in 2008);
  • 42 percent said they thought of dropping out because they didn’t see the value in the work they were asked to do (45 percent in 2008).
  • Just 41 percent of the students said that they went to school because of what they learn in classes.

We at Why Science, an Education Technology Company, believe we must and can do better to engage students by being conversant in the language that students use. Decades of research show that student achievement strongly correlates with the levels of engagement in learning. We can do better!


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