Much like how technology has influenced so much of what happens inside the classroom, technology also is playing a very large roll in how we obtain information for all areas including STEM education. There are of course a number of great blogs as well as more traditional media outlets providing amazing coverage with regard to informing the public as well as our own education community with regard to STEM education but there are also a number of other avenues we can look to as well.

In particular one service that has made it on to our radar is a company called – they bill themselves as an “online newspaper”. The way this service works is that individuals can go and create online newspapers that are focused on categories a user is interested in. As a result of our STEM education technology company being featured by a number of users the overall service quickly came to our attention.

We have since come to appreciate the work that a number of users have done in terms of organizing and sharing information specific to STEM education, so below please find a small selection of pages focused on STEM learning – some but not all of these pages have in the past featured Why Science. As we think you see, these “curators” are doing some really interesting work and if you are interested in learning more about STEM education the below resources might be a nice addition to your online reading routine:

Here is a partial example of what a page looks like:

As you can see from the above, some of these users focus on not only STEM education but they also feature information on other STEM related items such as science, policy, business and health. We suspect you will be very impressed by the interesting ways these users have managed to organize and present such a vast amount of information.

While the above list is by no means definitive, we did find these particular pages to be among the strongest but if we missed something feel free to include it in the comments section below and perhaps we’ll update our post. We should also stress that in addition to there are many other great resources that one can turn to for additional information.


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