With countless digital and print books published each year, is finding reading material to engage students a daunting task? For nearly 40 years, NSTA and the Children’s Book Council have collaborated to select the best published each year for their list of Outstanding Science Trade Books (OSTB) for Students K–12, and this year’s list is no exception.

Reading science trade books is the perfect way for students of all ages to build literacy skills while learning science content. One of our favorite books, at Why Science is Dark Emperor. Dark Emperor is a collection of nature poems focusing on the flora and fauna of the woods.  In her poems, Sidman illuminates the nocturnal actions of the snail, primrose moth, great horned owl, orb spider, baby porcupette, cricket, oak tree, mushrooms, eft, tree bat—and provides insight into the moon’s thinking. She brings the dark forest to life with her imagery. Both poetry and art enlighten and shed light on a dark world that most of us are unfamiliar with. Dark Emperor is perfect  for educators who enjoy connecting the culture and practice of science with poetry/literature and art.

Join Why Science  in celebrating Black History Month by igniting a passion for reading in your community with OSTBs.

HOW?  We recommend that you browse reviews of outstanding science trade books for students listed below, and start connecting science with language and art in your classrooms today.  You can also schedule a training program with us to learn how. Many OSTB books available online, on mobile devices as well as in print. Have fun!


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