Here on our Why Science blog we recently wrote about an event we were very honored to be attending, A New Year, A New Direction for CT!. This education workshop which took place on January 5, 2012 was sponsored by CT Gov. Dannel Malloy was titled “2012: The Year for Education Reform,” and featured a wide range of government and private foundation education advocates, along with superintendents, college leaders and others from Connecticut and across the country.

The discussion was lively and the exchange of amazing ideas was intoxicating! As Why Science is focused on utilizing technology to help provide STEM education it meant a great deal to us to know that so many of our colleagues across the entire state and for that matter throughout our nation are so committed to finding the best possible solutions.

We look forward to seeing more hard results being borne of the great discussions that took place last week. Meanwhile here are a few videos from the event.

“This is the moment to do what we have failed to do ever before … And you’re the people to do it. And I have great confidence in you … Pulling together so many different stakeholders is critical to tackling the achievement gap…To properly educate all of our children, regardless of the color of their skin, the preparation their parents had to be good parents or not, the wealth of the community in which they happen to be living in the moment, I understand that to do that, we have to be partners…”

– Dannell P. Malloy Governor of Connecticut

“Even when [teachers are] the best they can be, it doesn’t mean we’re going to help all kids all the time …Evaluation is not the be-all and the end-all in education, You have to have collaboration, you have to have the building of capacity, … [and] you have to have commitment.”   

– Randi Weingarten American Federation of Teachers President

Much as Gov. Malloy was saying, let’s all do our part to help make 2012 The Year for Education Reform!


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