On behalf of everyone here at  Why Science, an education technology company focused on STEM learning, we are extremely pleased to announce the pilot launch of our most recent product Adventures with Poly & Mer. Needless to say, this is a major announcement for our startup company and this milestone has been met with tremendous pride and also a fair amount of reflection both regarding where our company has come from as well as where we are looking to grow towards.

Adventures with Poly & Mer is an interactive learning technology platform  designed to provide both students and educators with rich STEM learning opportunities while developing effective problem solving skills. This technology based learning platform integrates science, literacy and technology to build skills for scientific inquiry as well as writing, reading, speaking and listening skills as recommended by the 1996 National Science Education Standards.

From the perspective of students, the experience is very interactive, providing each student with engaging in a hands-on & minds-on immersive learning experience while continually reinforcing critical problem solving skills throughout each learning module.

For educators Adventures with Poly & Mer provides real time insights (learning analytics) on each students’ individual and group performances.  Rather than spending time in front of the classroom in a more traditional lecture format, educators utilizing our STEM learning platform will instead be much more able to provide individualized teaching specific to each student’s needs.

As we conclude our pilot testing for this new platform we will ultimately enable Adventures with Poly & Mer to be playable online in all digital venues including the computer, the tablet, the smartphone and possibly even at home with an interactive TV screen.

Meet Poly & Mer:

Poly & Mer are virtual STEM educators designed to provide guidance supporting the creation of hands-on & minds-on learning environments which foster the progressive development of science process skills and Learning-to-Learn skills while students learn content. These fun animated characters represent what we might consider “holistic STEM parents/instructors” and their role within the game is multi-faceted.

More To Come…

Over the course of the next few months we are looking forwarding to continuing to develop our platform and also to working with our pilot partners to continue to enhance the entire experience.   The early feedback has been nothing short of amazing and also extremely humbling in that we have been fortunate to have had so many wonderful and truly insightful interactions with so many individuals.

So again, on behalf of the entire team here at Why Science as well as our many wonderful partners, we look forward to continuing to move forward with our progress and ultimately to bring Poly & Mer to a screen near you soon!

– The Why Science Team


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