Just because teachers have classroom technology access doesn’t mean they are satisfied with their level of access, according to survey results released Monday at the Florida Education Technology Conference in Orlando. The endeavor from PBS LearningMedia, a digital division of the Public Broadcasting System, found that while more than 9 in 10 teachers who responded to a national survey said they have access to computers in classrooms, more than 4 in 5 said that technology access falls short of their needs. About 93% of responding educators said they believed interactive whiteboards enhance classroom learning and 81 percent indicated they felt the same way about tablet computers such as the iPad.

The top 3 ways educators use technology in the classroom were:

  • Increase student motivation to learn (77 %)
  • Reinforce and expand on content being taught (76 %)
  • Respond to a variety of learning styles (76 %)

At  Why Science, an education technology company we believe that technology should support classroom instruction and not supplant it. Thus  we are very excited that these survey results reflect our core principles for creating  Poly & Mer technology for STEM teaching and learning.

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