Thanksgiving DinnerThanksgiving is one of those really nice holidays for a variety of reasons. Of course one of those reasons that we enjoy Thanksgiving so much is because as the name implies “Thanks” + “Giving”; this holiday in particular is very much about being thankful and also when possible, taking the opportunity to give.

At Why Science, we have had an amazing year in terms of our own internal growth, and we are also very thankful as we have had an opportunity to meet with and connect with so many amazing people and wonderful organizations.

In particular one relationship we are very excited about is our involvement in “Tis The Season To Be Reading” for 2011 and our relationship with the Connecticut Parents Union.

Here at Why Science we are hard at work preparing our materials for the campaign which we are confident will be well received by the students, many of whom are in our most under-served communities. In fact, this year the goal for “Tis The Season To Be Reading” is to connect with at least 1,000 children and families through a variety of outreach methods and to provide these children with added motivation to encourage reading/literacy throughout the holiday season and beyond. Talk about GIVING an amazing gift!

Naturally, while we are extremely grateful for all our opportunities, we also maintain a constant view on how ALL our students are performing and how their real life experiences are impacting their education. With “Tis The Season To Be Reading” we have an opportunity to make a real difference in some of our students lives, but given the economic hardships that so many of our friends and neighbors are facing, the need for funding is as loud as it has been in recent memory. With that in mind we ask that if you have the means, please consider making a donation to help support what promises to be a very meaningful event that can have a real impact on those who are most vulnerable.

Here is a link that the CT Parents Union has put together in order to help streamline the donation efforts:

“Tis The Season To be Reading” Sponsorship Form

Of course if you have any questions about the event, or specifically about what Why Science is doing to support this event, feel free to reach out to us directly – we would love to hear from you!

Photo Credit: US Department of Veterans Affairs


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