Science Fair MaterialsWhy Science is a technology based STEM education company, so for us SCIENCE FAIRS ARE A REALLY BIG DEAL! With that in mind we have put together a list of some of the more well known New England area state science fairs:

We are are big believers in what a science fair can do for a student. Attending a science fair has the potential to be a singularly transformative event in a young students life. If you have ever been to a science fair you can well appreciate the great looks of determination that are on so many faces as well as the tremendous pride that each participant takes away from the event.

While a big part of each science fair is focused on achievement, another major component of every science fair is focused on the simple notion of community. Something really magical happens at science fairs – each attendee gets to look around the entire area and see other students that all share a passion for science. How powerful!

If you are a parent, please consider suggesting and supporting your child should they want to enter a local science fair. Also, please consider sending a note of some kind to your child’s school to see what plans they have in terms of getting involved with your state’s science fair.

If you are teacher, please consider getting your school involved. Each state has some very specific deadlines that you will need to review – we mention this because some of those deadlines are around the corner.

In addition, feel free to read a few articles that we ran last year featuring a number of great student achievers in the realm of science fairs:

We hope you are able to make one of these amazing events for this coming academic year!
Photo Credit: Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair

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