Last week, on October 5 the world celebrated “World Teacher’s Day.” This global event which is run by UNESCO has been held every year since 1994 and the purpose is to both celebrate teachers across the world and also to provide an opportunity for greater awareness for what teacher’s do and what their particular needs are.

Why Science is a technology based STEM education company so we spend a great deal of time in the classroom. As a result we are very familiar with not only what teacher’s do on a daily basis, but also why we all need to celebrate them.

Here in America we are asking some really hard questions regarding our education system, how we prioritize, how we fund and how we measure. America is not alone in asking these questions – every nation addresses all these issues when it comes to education. When done in a constructive manner, these are all great areas to consider but in concert with the discussion it is critical that we also recognize teachers for being the amazing people that they are! And that is why we love “World Teacher’s Day” so much.

This particular day also has a very global presence which speaks to not only the pressing need to educate EVERYONE, but also the global appeal of education.

Here are a few pictures that highlight the global nature of the day. If you have the time we strongly encourage you to click through to see all the photos.

World Teacher's Day 2011 from Philippines PA050565

BEST TEACHER from Pakistan Thank you, Teacher! from Romania

Looking at these pictures it feels very hard not to be excited about education and about what teachers bring to the process.

And while today it may no longer be the official “World Teacher’s Day” none-the less if the spirit moves you, make sure to share your own thoughts of appreciation with your child’s teacher – we are sure it will brighten their day.

While saying things in person are always nice, in our hyper-fast world where we send our kids on the bus and rush off to work, one quick way to share your own appreciation for your child’s teacher is by sending them one of three pre-formatted e-Cards that they have put together (Card 1, Card 2, Card 3)

Teachers teach our children how to dream. How to dream with dimension and how to dream with care. How to dream about a much brighter future.

Teachers of the world – WE SALUTE YOU!


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