Mort Zuckerman, U.S. News and World Report chairman and editor-in-chief just gave a very passionate interview on the need to encourage STEM learning in our K-12 schools. Before diving in too far we’d just like to say HOORAY Mr. Zuckerman – your words were very well received over here at Why Science, a STEM technology learning company.

30% of math teachers have little to no background in mathematics and the same goes for 60% of science and engineering teachers.

Mort Zuckerman

Below is the video interview – the first part is focused on the job market, but they come back to STEM around the 3:15 mark.

If you’d like to read the full article please visit Yahoo! Finance here.

In addition U.S. News and World Report has begun to extend their best colleges and universities reporting to also feature a number of STEM high schools that are delivering promising results. Here is their list of the Best High Schools for Science and Math. To all the schools that made that list we extend to you a heart felt congratulations on your exceptional achievements and this recent recognition.

STEM learning as you can imagine is a subject that is very near to us, and it is something that Why Science is devoted to. In addition to a number of STEM learning development tools and STEM teaching workshops that we have developed, STEM learning is also a subject that we regularly feature here on our blog. Here are a few selected stories we have run in the past:


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