Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Steve Jobs was really one of those special people. So many of us talk like we knew him, and in many regards we did. That was a big part of his magic. He had a way of making what he did feel so important and so relevant to all our lives.

And outside of the products and marketplaces, all of which were impressive, here at Why Science, we are a technology based education company so we’d like to take a moment to acknowledge a less discussed accomplishment of his, but one that we feel could perhaps contribute most to his legacy.

Steve Jobs made technology cool.

And while it is easy to down play how significant this accomplishment is, the reality is, Steve Jobs in many regards paved the way for a technology revolution that quickly followed in his wake. As great as Microsoft is (and yes, they too are great) Steve Jobs managed to personify and capture a newly developed appetite and enthusiasm for Technology in a much more accessible way. This personification not only drove companies such as Microsoft and Apple, it also help birth and re-birth other companies such as Dell and HP. Beyond that, Steve Jobs managed to help create a universe that paved the way for other companies such as Google and more recently Facebook to arrive on the scene.

Not only do these technology companies help drive our economy and also employ many people, but with this new technology revival it has also become very “cool” to spend time in the computer lab. Where people used to dream heading into space and talking to Cape Canaveral from the heavens, today many of our young dream of starting the next big technology company.

As a result, kids are excited about technology.

In addition, Steve Jobs had such a great “way” about him, really destroying so many of the stereotypes that previously had been associated with many in his field. Again, the result is that by removing some of the common stigma surrounding technology, Steve Jobs also removed a big barrier that perhaps might have otherwise hindered some students from choosing this direction.

For us, and for many, this will be a long lasting contribution that Steve Jobs gave to our community, and for that we are eternally thankful.

Steve Jobs, thanks again for your lasting and ground breaking contributions in so many areas, including your amazing contributions to the hearts and minds of so many of our youngest. You will be missed.


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